Hand On Heart Necklace



Hand On Heart Necklace



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Create a meaningful keepsake

There are lots of ways to make memories, but there's a special one that stays with you from the start to the end of being a mom. Keep your little one close to your heart. Save all those precious moments and make a keepsake that you'll have forever.

Keep Memories Alive: Carry Them With You Always

Time flies by fast. Before you know it, kids grow up, and all we’re left with are memories.

Picture a piece of jewelry that holds all those precious times—the big milestones and the small moments. Like the touch of their tiny hands, the calm of them sleeping in your arms, their first words, first steps, their laughter, a hug, and the love you share.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep these memories of your child close to your heart, carrying them with you every day?

Emblem of Maternal Pride: Wear Your Love

The connection between a mother and her child is the most genuine and purest bond there is. No other love matches a mother's love in its purity, unconditional nature, and strength. Words fall short of describing this boundless affection.

Your ally is ready to showcase this pride and emphasize the special relationship between you and your child. Highlight what fills your heart with joy through a one-of-a-kind piece that encapsulates emotions and preserves them for eternity.

Celebrate this love with jewelry that tells the world about you. Keep your child close to you, no matter where life takes you.

Your prints, perfected by our team

Making your keepsake is a breeze with our expert team. If you're concerned about capturing the perfect impression, fear not — our skilled designers are magic makers. They lovingly refine each print, turning even the slightest imperfections into stunning jewelry pieces.











High Quality And Fair Pricing

Exquisite Keepsakes, Uniquely Tailored for You

Original Prints

Our designers will meticulously prepare your child's impressions, preserving their unique details with care and affection.

High Quality

A keepsake this significant demands the finest quality and materials, lovingly crafted in our very own studio.

The most beautiful designs

Crafted uniquely for you, embodying your pride — a genuine emblem of your endless love.

It's not just a piece of jewelry - It's a time capsule


"I was craving something truly personal, not just any painted thing that anyone else might have. It feels so special to wear something that's genuinely mine, something that truly belongs to me!" - Claire B.


"It came out gorgeous. I was moved to tears, so beautiful, so personal. The actual 'stinky feet' of my two girls captured so perfectly. There's nothing in the world more precious than this." - Julia T.


"I'm absolutely in love with my new necklace! It's incredibly special and holds a memory that will last forever ❤️ The quality is fantastic, and I find myself wearing it every day!" - Anna C.

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