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The Brother & Sisters Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for anyone looking to earn extra money while promoting beautiful, high-quality jewelry.

As an affiliate, you'll earn commission on every sale made through your unique referral link, not only from the customers you refer but also from the sales made by other affiliates who join under you.

How it works?

When someone clicks on your referral link to make a purchase on our website, you'll earn a commission on their purchase. Additionally, through our multi-waves program, you'll also earn commission on the sales made by other affiliates who join under you.

This means that you don't have to sell to a lot of customers to earn a significant income, as the important portion of your earnings will come from the sales made by your own network of affiliates.

The commission structure is tiered, starting at 10% for each sale and can go up to 20% depending on the sales volume of the affiliate. This means, there is no cap on how much you can earn, so the earning potential is limitless.

Additionally, as an affiliate, you will also have a 20% cashback on all your purchases on our store.



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With a standard affiliate program, if you make 10 sales, your maximum earning is €50. But with our program, if each affiliate under you makes just 10 sales, your earning potential can soar to a staggering €50,000.

Imagine the financial freedom you could have with those kind of earning.

Join our program today and start unlocking your earning potential!