Since my childhood, I was interested in fashion and jewelry and dreamed of being a watchmaker in Switzerland. This dream stayed with me throughout my adulthood, up until setting out to build a business with my sister Anna. The two set out to fix an issue we found in the jewelry market. 

We found that there was a huge disparity between the top-end jewelry makers basically selling overpriced hunks of metal and super cheap plastic jewelry. We couldn’t believe how hard it was to just find something that looked great without the luxury price and this would end up becoming our mission to fix.

Frustrated by all the empty options, we thought that our jewelry should be telling a story to the world. Our accessory’s details should be perfectly crafted to paint our picture. Above all, our jewelry should always be reasonably priced.

With all these ideas in mind, Brother & Sisters was founded in France in 2017 standing by our motto: "Luxury jewelry without the luxury price". Our goal is to give up-to-date pieces that add a stylish element to your attire style.

Dmitriy Brother & Sisters
Co-Founder of Brother & Sisters
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.